XGrasp the land

Alice Hartley, 2021

Alice Hartley set out in printmaking, making large scale woodcuts her work referenced dreams and familiar landscapes with fragments of her own text. Over the last 10 years, she has used this process to make giant site-specific installations, filling gallery walls, billboards, disused car parks and shop fronts.

This is her first virtual project, translating her mark-making and screen prints into a time-based work, incorporating sound by Kit Grill and the movement of elements to convey a sense of atmosphere. The composition of the images becomes dynamic, fragmented and fluid- yet suggests more directly a sense of place, a memory of land- witnessing light and the physicality of it. Hartley's palette is recognisable, as is her text- from it we get a sense of something deeply personal but always ambiguous.

Hartley was born in 1988 in the South Downs where she grew up, she graduated from Kingston University in 2010 with a BA hons in Illustration and from the RCA in 2013 with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking, she has since been selected from New Contemporaries, had residencies in Canada, New York and Athens. Hartley continues to exhibit around the UK, Europe and North America.

Music: Feather by Kit Grill

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