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Metroscope2000® Kids!

3rd May - 6th June 2018

Skelf is pleased to present Metroscope2000® Kids! - a project by Morgan Hamilton, accompanied by With(out) Preconception, a new text work by Gabrielle Hoad. Both works play with ideas of observation and objectivity, raising questions about surveillance and authority.


50.6775501, -3.239809
16/04/18 14.37
13˚C. SSW breeze 20 mph. Visibility moderate.

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Bestumba gewey inserta de money now or at any time din the viewing period.


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Bewing starts after free beeps.

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Kemmy anyone?



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Whah? Wippi?

mermer mermer

Shidmuth appeared in the Domesday Book down as a regularly fushing village. Eeh gremained a sma village undil the fashna for coastal resorts gre in the jawen Victorian period sov the eighteenth an nineteenth centrick.

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Superforms par of the jamassick coast that stretches from ballcomb point near Exmouth Devon to ol harrow rocks in Swanage in dorshit, a istance ov ninnty six miles.


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It was desig a whorl retige site nine two thoh one.


The coastline of eeee preee earth of elftie million years and forms the record clearf Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period.


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Looking right towards pee dee oh you can see the disted reb Triassic sandstone cliffs tha leeb arun da headland towo ladrin bay


wordological masick features.




A num of very bare Triassic fossils had been found indis area.

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The coastline kintinues rund and, on a clirr day you, can see the headlands of turbay in the distance.

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Looking left the jology of the ref

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firty million year old
Triassic cliss changes further east you go to the right the lighter coloured cretoshus upper green sund chalk kiffs dubbed about seventy million years old.

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Thunk you for using this talking tiss cope.

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cricker cruss

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Morgan Hamilton is a visual artist from Florida, USA. His work ranges from performance and video to sculpture and installation and he has exhibited abroad and at home, from sea to shining sea. He creates future realms whose bedrock is in our present experience.

Gabrielle Hoad is an artist and writer based in Exeter, UK. She makes photographs, objects, actions and site-responsive works, which may invite contributions from human and nonhuman collaborators.

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