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Closed for Season
March 1st - April 4th


Skelf SITE presents Closed For Season by Mark Beldan. This new work was filmed last October during a residency on the Toronto Islands, Lake Ontario, Canada.

Parks are always a strange negotiation. They accommodate fragile wildlife and messy picnickers, daily routines and nightly transgressions, summer crowds and winter emptiness. Careful tending is needed to maintain the appearance of tranquility.

In the spring of 2017, Toronto Island Park was part-submerged by unusually high water levels. Just a few months later the park again looks much as it has for decades. It is difficult to picture the recent flooding; the trees standing in water, the duckpond in the field, the carp spawning on the footpath.

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Accompanying this work is a new text by Mia Taylor, below.

                Safe Trip

On a grassy patch in the middle of (you)know wHERE
Notta patch
    … a park?
In a park (out of season) in the middle of nowhere
Out of the corner of my eye
              I spy
A glimmer…
      In leaps a showy, shiny, white crested gallop of a

          NOSTALGIA moment

It’s the Good Ship From Another Time
Seeking an indistinguishable home
As it surges into Port
at great speed, I cry

             OPEN ye, Pentagon Shaped Void!
                 Let me feel your soft golden gloe…

Flood my status quo and glow BRIGHTLY

 And then gloe away so I may
                As I was before

Mark Beldan is a painter who also works with text, audio and video. He was born in Toronto but is now based in London.

Mia Taylor is a London-based artist. She has an interdisciplinary practice that includes writing, video, sound, painting and object making.
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