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A Girl with Time

April 5th - May 2nd 2018

Sounds for A Girl with Time

a girl with time
saving time…
the moment before you leap
whirling mass of hair, flesh and costume
the time before day and before night falls
a head breaks upon the green surface and pauses in Janus-faced arrest
in so much pain he wanted to die
an illuminated, oblong panel
girl spins into view

GLAP Collective make artworks combining the technologies of social media, online dating and robotics with text, sound, and video work. At the intersection between art and writing, with emphasis on how text might exist in a more expanded field, our work is critically engaged with the dissolution of historical distinctions between books, files, and artworks. For this edition of SKELF, GLAP Collective have developed a series of four texts based on 35mm slides of hairdryers from a redundant art & design library. A Girl with Time is one of these texts, around which the sounds and moving image have been composed. 

Now we sweep together at high speed along the surface of the walls, our eyes as one. Oversized numerals flash past: one, two, zero, zero. The inner curve of the walls describes the outer curve of the hairdryer. It, too, is green.  The room, too, is plastic. A nail tapped against the surface returns a shallow staccato. A moment of dizzying vertigo as the inside and outside become one.

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