Skelf is a virtual project space, accessible to anyone, everywhere.

'Escape from Fireship Cove' by Llew Watkins is the third piece in a series of four exhibitions on the theme of 'Gesture' and exploring what this might mean in a virtual context. Each exhibition has been created specifically for Skelf, working with artists whose practice often relies upon a physical encounter, and reimagining their work immaterially to see what further possibilities are presented.

The 'Gesture' series has also included work by artists Alice Hartley and Richard Phoenix & Robin Smith, and will be concluded with work by Frank Kent (launching February 2022), and a podcast by Mark Beldan exploring all works in the series (launching March 2022).

Each season (comprising of four new virtual exhibitions and a podcast released over a six-month period) will explore themes that feel incompatible with an online experience- firstly ‘Movement’ which ran May-October 2021, then ‘Gesture’, and finally ‘Touch’ in April 2022.

The below podcast by Mark Beldan explores the themes of each of the works in the 'Movement' series that ran from May - October 2021 and can be streamed or downloaded below. All works from the Movement series can be explored in our archive.

Existing entirely online since 2016, we have presented work by over 150 artists and writers on our virtual platform. You can view these works in our archive. This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.