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Skelf presents Art Feast: a banquet of contemporary art- accessible to anyone anywhere- for the duration of the Art Licks Weekend.

Skelf Art Feast offers a delicious range of non-physical contemporary art from a range of artists that can be enjoyed on our project space and downloaded for the viewer’s own art collection- for the duration of the four-day festival only.

Skelf Art Feast extends the reach of the Art Licks Weekend beyond the edges of the map and encourages you to take the work home with you. Take it- share it- enjoy it- once the feast is over at midnight on Sunday 1st October, these artworks will no longer be available- except in your collection.

Skelf is pleased to announce the following artists will be taking part in the Art Feast:

Mark Beldan
Anne Colvin
Klara Feenstra
James Irwin
Vishal Kumaraswamy
Bill Leslie
Susie Pentelow
Mia Taylor
Elly Thomas
Adam JB Walker
Wright & Vandame
Claire Yspol

Art Licks Weekend 2017 Digital Partner