Choose your hand-marbled wallpaper design to download as a backdrop or screensaver for your phone, tablet, or computer. Compatible with all devices!

These artworks were developed in workshops with children at Bounds Green School, which considered how art can exist outside of gallery walls. Year 4 students worked with artist Erin Hughes to make marbled papers, a process central to her current practice and visible in her piece ‘Screen Saving’, developed for the BOUNDS exhibition on this website.

Acim Acim
Amira Amira
Androulla Androulla
Arlo Arlo
Ayesha Ayesha
Azim Azim
Bailey Bailey
Charlie Charlie
Elisa Elisa
Erin Erin
Finley Finley
Isla Isla
Iyesha Iyesha
Jacob Jacob
Jayden Jayden
Lewis Lewis
Luisa Luisa
Maks Maks
Marina Marina
Max Max
Natalia Natalia
Oscar Oscar
Rayhanah Rayhanah
Rhaya Rhaya
Ruby Ruby
Salima Salima
Sheyn Sheyn
Simonne Simonne
Sofia Sofia
Viktoria Viktoria
Victor Victor